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Woodmi - Exclusive Touch

Wood & More...Elegance and exclusivity

Search for detail and expert workmanship

The whole production line is the choice of material, the actual machining of the object “made in Italy”, we want to differentiate ourselves from this point of view in a market that increasingly looks to the east. For the line SKIN DESIGN we select the best hard leather on the market. Durable, flexible and entirely handma- de, cowhide associated with microfiber, it becomes soft and seductive elegance, able to wrap and protect your device from scratches and wear.

3 Quality materials

wood, leather and stone


Natural, live, tactile. The wood can give a feeling of enveloping able to confuse, to pacify and stimulate all our senses. For this reason we wanted to add it to your smartphone using the design. A line of unique cover, capable of transforming an object into an experience that involves our whole perception.


An ancestral bond that conti- nues after thousands of years to seduce and fascinate us. Always stood for protection and warmth, covering eve- rything with soft and seductive elegance, making it even more intriguing and unique. For this reason we have chosen in special combinations, to give to your smartphone and a tablet touch even more valuable.


A new product made from thin layers of natural slate. This ultra thin stone slab is supported by a non-woven fabric made of cellulose that makes it extremely durable and flexible. An origi- nal material that gives your to your i-Phone a unique design.

Everything started out from two art directors. Francesco Casati and Gabriele Canzi, the founders of Woodmi. After years spent in major advertising agencies in Milan, they began giving life to successful side projects: they open a studio to provide top brands with counselling and art direction and, through years, they start developing the concept of “Wood Design”. Fascinated by the versatility, history and tactile sensations of wood, they focus on research and experimentation on everything able to satisfy imagination in touch with such a noble material.

“With the purpose of combining the concepts of nature, design and technology, the first projects have taken their first steps.”

Woodmi is an Italian brand producing exclusive (unique) objects in order to add style and personality to Apple tablets and smart phones.

The first Woodmi covers are unique and original one-offs, designed and worked following the typical Italian hand craft tra- dition. Woodmi, the first and unique brand in this sector in Italy, is the father of a new concept: the combining of nature and technology, a new way to live design and to keep it always with you.